SHP Winter Series | Dapper AF

Happy 3.14/Pi day! We’re talking another year of suits and ties today! The men’s suit has been a classic, virtually unchanged fashion staple for decades. Some may say planning the groom’s attire is boring, but it certainly doesn’t have to be! Whether a groom chooses to suit & bout’ up, wear suspenders and go without a jacket, or anywhere in between (or outside the box) is totally up to him these days (okay – the person he’s marrying gets a say too! hehe). While wedding traditions are great for referencing, grooms attire has more wiggle-room for self-expression than ever these days. It’s so exciting because we love when our clients feel they are free to get their quirk on!

For this installment of the SHP Winter Series we’re looking back on the digs our 2017 grooms chose to rock on their best day ever. We noticed that gray and navy paired with brown shoes and accessories was very “en vogue.” A lot of the men expressed themselves in their choices of bowties, suspenders, and socks! We saw some adorable lil dudes workin’ it in mini bowties and hats. We got up and close and personal with our first Sherwani too. Also, as you’ll see below, we got an in-depth lesson in shirt stays this year!

We especially love to get details of the planned look once it has been put all together. We think one way to encapsulate it is with a boutonnière shot (btw – we have an awesome boutonniere project in the works for you that we can’t wait to share next month! eeeeee!). We’ve had some dapper AF guys to photograph this past season that were also fun and playful. We were super inspired by our 2017 gents and can’t wait to see what our dudes of 2018 bring!

Continuing with this year’s Winter Series theme, here’s an image captured of Sarah’s love Timmy on their wedding day surrounded by all his dapper fellas! If you missed out on any of these in the recent past, you can check them out here, here, oh and here!


March 14, 2018

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