Epic flash mobs. Photobombing fur-babies. Singing Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” at the top of your lungs. Moonlit kisses. Your wedding party pulling out their fiercest Charlie’s Angels poses. And the most fun you’ll ever have getting your photos taken.

We love photographing all kinds of couples! Couples who let us have our way with them: Stylin’ ladies who can own their grandma’s vintage earrings and love to laugh—and cool dudes who can rock bowties and graffiti walls. Because like you, we’re up for almost anything if it makes for a good story. 

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Never a Dull Photograph

Team SHP takes wedding photography that’s just as fun, playful and expressive as you are! We stand by the belief that when you feel free to be yourself, the best photos happen naturally. So sure, we’ll get those traditional family shots to keep Ma happy. But we’ll also run around like ninjas to capture those candid, whimsical moments rather than create cheesy posed ones that aren’t really you. (Um, who doesn’t want more time hanging with their crew and less time awkwardly smiling at a camera, secretly wondering when they can sneak off to the donut bar?)

More than a wedding photography team, we’re BFFs. Sarah always works with the same 2nd shooter, Jenn, so you know exactly who’s going to be showing up on your special day. And because we’ve been documenting weddings together for 10+ years, our different perspectives and weirdly psychic connection make it possible for us to tell the complete story of your day, from the must-have mushy moments to the where-was-I-when- that-happened?! ones like granny killin’ it on the dance floor. 

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Ready to meet the team?

Meet Sarah

Meet jenn

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Meet sarah

CEO, Lead Wedding Photographer & Crazy Cat Lady

Sarah (she/her) has won the Best of Syracuse Professional Photographer award two years in a row, but is also known for her infamous cookie parties and surprise opera solos. She’s obsessed with yoga, anything that comes in hot pink or sparkly, and her cat, Juniper. While she’s a sucker for fun candids, she also knows how to work that veil or crush those fancy ring shots. She married her best friend, Tim, and credits Radiohead for bringing them together. They tied the knot at an art gallery, held their reception at a BBQ joint, and honeymooned to a brewery in Delaware. Yeah, they’re cool like that.

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Meet Jenn

Sarah’s BFF, Exclusive Second Shooter & Plant Whisperer

Jenn (she/her) is Sarah’s highly-caffeinated BFF, road trip sidekick, and was even the maid of honor at her wedding. She’s the queen of detail shots and has a talent for getting those moments you didn’t even see happen. (Like when the groomsmen decided to take off their shirts and break into broadway hits...why?) She slings words on our blog, designs our client albums, and nerds out over Joss Whedon as soon as someone drops the word “Buffy.” She also has an epic Hello Kitty collection that her real cat Nigel is not impressed by. 

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Meet Wesley

Photography Associate, Lighting Tech & Seasonal Mullet-Wearer

Wesley (he/him) is the resident equipment snob at the local camera store in Syracuse and loves getting techie with it. He joined our team in 2014. He’s professionally trained in the art of sarcasm, a proud vegetarian, and the master of nicknames. When he is not helping Sarah give your photos epic lighting to make them pop, he sometimes acts as a third shooter, but mostly he just plays a mean air guitar with a light stand and gets easily distracted by other people’s pets.

our favorite things

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We encourage every couple to have one to take the pressure off. They’re our favorite photos to take!


We’ll find any excuse to include yours in your wedding photography. Yes, even if it’s just a cardboard cutout.


Sarah and Jenn go on epic road trips every year to get our hit of adventure! Next stop: Ottawa. Tulip Festival, Ikea and Shawarma platters — here we come!


Whether it’s the Landmark Theatre, Dinosaur BBQ, or Hayloft on the Arch, the more unconventional the venue — the more we crush it!


GIVE US #ALLTHEFOOD. Especially if it’s photo-worthy, like bubble tea served in light bulbs.


We love supporting awesome local businesses that are all heart and hustle. And our couples do, too!


We have dangerous sweet tooths for colorful desserts. The more sprinkles, the better!


We love getting crafty with it and will find any reason to decorate. We were interior designers in another life.

“We’re so happy our wedding was captured by Sarah’s team because they truly cared about our day. They didn’t make us feel like this was just another wedding they were capturing. They didn’t act like this was a job. They acted like they love what they do.”

Megan & Steve
Syracuse, ny wedding

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