Capture your unicorn status, bring your brand into bold focus, and get a chance to show off doing what you’re best at.

The pressure to stand out in today’s oversaturated market and shouty social media world is FIERCE, especially for creatives. (600+ Instagram posts/sec, say what?!)

If “let the work speak for itself” was still a winning marketing strategy, you’d be golden. 

But now you’re competing with annoying algorithms, popular keywords, and a gazillion other samesie entrepreneurs to nab the attention of your would-be customers. #thestruggleisreal

And ok, as hard as it is to admit since you’re literally creating new things on a daily basis for others and openly envied by your left-brained friends...

You’re not 100% clear on what makes you different.

(And even if you have an inkling, you wouldn’t know how to make that sparkle in your brand photography since that’s not your particular flava of creativity. Obvi.)

Whether you’ve outgrown generic stock photography or low-res selfies and want custom branded imagery that won’t get lost in a parade of boring flat lays and coffee mugshots (← pun intended)...

You’re all for pro photography, but you need someone to help you come up with your brand positioning and turn that into standout creative styling...

Or you *have* had branding photoshoots done before, but they didn’t let your true personality shine through the lens to capture the attention of your target market...

As the CEO and 2x award-winning Lead Photographer behind Sarah Heppell Photography, I’ve seen my fellow creatives get *so* obsessed with their work (in the best possible way) that they let their brand image slip.

They’re crazy talented. Their work is a serious labor of love. And they care hard about their customers...

But their photos aren’t showcasing it. 

Then there are others who *have* dropped a serious chunk of change for a brand photoshoot, but they’re still not satisfied with their images because their photoshoot was never strategically planned in the first place. Now all they’ve got to show for it are some awkward headshots with “pops” of their brand colors. /facepalm

With me, you get a professional lifestyle photographer, creative director, & brand strategist in one (happily tattooed) package.


Or in other words: A styled photo shoot and pamperfest for creatives who want photos that not only inspire all the heart eye emojis, but capture the true magic of their brand. We’ll discover what your special sauce is, how you want your brand to make people feel, and create a strategic plan for translating your vibe through my lens. 

Because when you get brand photos that feel aligned with who you are and how you want to show up in your business, not only do your customers start taking you more seriously...but YOU start taking you more seriously. (And that’s what I like to call fuel for your creative fire!)

Every Brand Photoshoot Includes:

Brand funsheet, inspo board, and 60-minute creative jam session to plan your brand bash

A detailed itinerary and shot list for the day outlining personalized locations and creative styling elements to help your brand story shine in style

Coaching to help you look and feel BRANDTASTIC in front of the camera, so we can capture your natural sparkle

A creative variety of shots for every marketing occasion (headshots, lifestyle, workspace, editorial, and detail shots for social media)

Image Reveal Party to celebrate your BRAND new look (macarons optional, but highly recommended)

Commercial licensing, so you can flaunt your new photos in marketing materials without sweating crediting requirements 

Choose your party style:

Up to 1.5 hours
1 location
2-3 outfits/looks 

20 pro-edited images in high-res and web-optimized formats for print and online

Spotlight - $999

Up to 2.5 hours
2 locations
3-4 outfits/looks

35 pro-edited images in high-res and web-optimized formats for print and online

Sparkle - $1399

Up to 4 hours
3 locations
4-5 outfits/looks 

55 pro-edited images in high-res and web-optimized formats for print and online

Superstar - $1899


With my wedding photography background, I’ve got the hookups for the best hair & makeup artists, florists, and other creative pros in the industry. If you’re looking to add a little creative flair to your branded photoshoot, let me know how I can connect you with the right peeps!

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Recent Branding Shoots

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“Get brand photography done,” they said.
“It’ll be fun,” they said.

Ok, can we take a pause here for some #realtalk? VERY FEW PEOPLE LIKE GETTING THEIR PHOTO TAKEN. As someone who does this for a living, most of my clients come into the process looking a little squirrely. 

And if you’ve already been on this brand photography ride before, maybe it wasn’t quite what you expected to be and you’re skeptical that you might actually enjoy having your photograph taken...

So I’m not gonna lie:
This will probably be the most fun you’ve ever had in front of a camera. 

Not just because I tell amazing jokes and we’re going to be working with ooo!-worthy styled sets... 

But because you’ll have a chance to show off every angle of who you are with my lifestyle lens and storytelling heart, whether you’re a badass baker with a sweet spot for the local farmer’s market or a geeky florist with a retro-inspired workspace.

While some photographers focus on getting the shot, I focus on bringing the FUN. Because I know as long as you’re enjoying yourself, getting the shot is pretty much inevitable.

I won’t take a bunch of rando lifestyle images of you sitting in coffee shops or typing on your laptop if that doesn’t match your brand vibe. I won’t pose you in some sterile studio setting (let’s leave those in the old yearbooks where they belong). And I won’t create some sort of staged authenticity that’s trying too hard to “look natural” (if your desk is normally a mess of doodles and brainstorms, let’s capture how YOU roll - not the Marie-Kondo’d version).

Here’s what I won’t do...

Make you feel SO comfortable during the shoot with real conversation and interactive guidance that your personality comes out to play all on its own. I’ll create strategic brand concepts and visual stories of you in action, doing what you’re best at, to connect the emotional dots between you and your customers. And I’ll check in with you to make sure that you feel like YOU during our shoot, so the photos we capture are a true reflection of who you are, not who you think you should be for a social media like.

What I WILL do is...

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