2017 SHP Behind the Scenes!

With 24 weddings in the books, and a few public events like the Adult Prom, SHP kept very busy this 2017 season! We had an amazing time with a variety of fun & unique wedding couples. We also got to work alongside some of our favorites in the wedding industry. We went all over CNY capturing our couple’s “Best Day Ever!” – from Skaneateles to Little Falls, Downtown Syracuse to Alexandria Bay, Watertown to Johnson City – just to name a few! We spent a lot of time together.

This is our 3rd Annual Installment of Behind the Scenes of SHP, and it is one of our absolute favorite posts to make! During a gig, we are focused on multiple things: documenting everything about the couple’s big day, getting creative, achieving maximum efficiency, and being team players, which means sometimes checking in with your co-worker and definitely snapping a shot of one of them if the opportunity arises. Say Sarah’s just waiting for the bride to come down that aisle, fixing the runner, or down on the ground in strange positions to get the best angle for a shot; or Jenn is in one of her epic squats, expertly flooffing the dress; or Wesley’s crammed in a corner somewhere between a dresser and a videographer, getting silly with the lighting stand – it all has to be preserved for forever!! Especially if a hairstylist offers to do Sarah’s hair quickly so she can work more efficiently, or we’re working barefoot and climbing on chairs! Also, while setting up for group photos, making sure our lighting is ready, we like to get our settings just right by standing in for each other, and it makes for a LOT of silly photos.

SHP is so very fortunate!!! We are grateful for our close knit team and the truly awesome associates and clients we get to work alongside. This is just the beginning of our Winter Blog Series. We can’t wait to feature some highlights from our 2017 weddings and some of our favorites vendors and associates. We hope you enjoy a peek behind the scenes of our 2017 season!

This was shortly before the lights went out at Mandana Barn. We had one of the rainiest seasons this year, but this specific day took the top prize! The rain came down in sheets, and our lovely couple Chelsea & Chris went on with their nuptials without electricity.
Sometimes, we patiently wait…Sometimes, Wesley picks up a camera, but mostly he plays air guitar with a light stand.A small vendor highlight collage! Kammer Films, Morgan Lapresi Photography, Jon Simmons, Select Receptions (strike that pose, Kirk!), Magically Yours Weddings (that floral placement on that cake is on point, Courtney!)
Associate behind the scenes! M.G. Johnson Photography (spreading peace or a failed attempt at giving Jenn bunny ears, Mary?), and Molly Baldwin Photography rocking Sarah’s photo booth, are just a few of the awesome industry associates we teamed up with in one way or another this season!
SHP loves your pets. We have a whole blog post about it coming in the near future. I know. brace yourselves. I can’t wait! Jenn is the official SHP dress and veil Floofer (not fluffer…)We enjoy documenting the Adult Prom!…and posing with cakes.
papa papa paparazzi! 
getting real low! checking in on things from upstairs at Beardslee Castlegetting as low as it takes!
Sarah and her backup team! More backup! do you think she needs some water?!
loving the office couch! #goalsGroom with the smoothest moves! We <3 Bethany & Tony.

We’ve had a wonderful season! Thank you to our clients, associates, colleagues and friends.

Team SHP wishes all the best in the year to come. Happy New Year!

November 26, 2017

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