Adult Prom | Oswego, New York

If you had a second chance at crushing the biggest, most nostalgic dance during your high school career would you? How about as an adult? Adult Prom’s have been popping up all across the US and SHP has had the honor for the past three years to document the Adult Prom in Oswego! This event is for all adults! Popular kids, jocks and wallflowers aside, it’s a judgement free zone and a super fun event to be a part of!

Hosted at the Lake Ontario Conference Center, it can be a do over, an excuse to get dolled up and grab your significant other (or your pals) and it’s also a yearly fundraiser. Prom Queen and King are crowned to those who raised the most money for the cause, this year was the Children’s Museum of Oswego. A portion of ticket sales was donated to the Museum as well. Crank up your own tunes and scroll through some highlights from this year’s Adult Prom!

Check out the full gallery here: Adult Prom 2017 Online Gallery

May 10, 2017

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