Franklin Square Engagement Session, Syracuse, NY | Alyson and Michael are Engaged!

Not all of you live up here in Central, NY but if you do, you can recall the freezing rain and snow we got over the weekend! On Christmas Eve, Eve, I met up with Michael and Alyson for a surprise engagement shoot that Michael got for Alyson! They live in Tampa, and Michael found me on Google so we chatted over email and picked one of the three days he’d be in town and went with it! It was the sweetest idea, I thought!! Surprise your fiance for a snowy engagement session and get married in Florida, a great way to embrace a different season and climate! We met up at Freedom of Espresso in Franklin Square Park and made a plan while standing under umbrellas! My husband, Tim, was assisting me for the shoot which was honestly invaluable because he became the holder of all things including umbrellas for the moments that the two lovebirds wouldn’t be protected from the elements. We worked quickly to get some great shots between putting coats back on and hiding under umbrellas! I wouldn’t say the weather was the most cooperative for a romantic engagement session but I would be lying if I said I didn’t love a challange! We had so much fun exploring and embracing what Mother Nature had in store for us that Saturday and I’m pretty pumped to share the images! Check them out for yourself! (Side notes: I may have added my own handmade photoshop snow in the first image for a winter wonderland feel, and Alyson and Michael may be killer snowball throwers in the second to last image!)

December 29, 2017

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