Beak and Skiff, Lafayette NY | Apple Picking with the Proias!

This past Monday my pals Caitlin and Kyle with lil Oliver in tow, picked me up and we headed off to Beak and Skiff to pick apples! If you’re not from our neck of the woods I just need to let you know that this apple orchard has been voted best orchard in the country two years in a row! How awesome that it’s just ~20 minutes away and the best!? Lucky is!
I was in Kyle’s tattoo chair the Wednesday before and their apple picking plans came up so I offered to come along with my camera. I snapped candids of them while apple picking myself. It was a lovely adventure! We took a quick tractor ride to pick apples, went to their tasting room to try their hard cider, apple wines and apple spirits like honeycrisp vodka and vanilla chai vodka. Mmmmm! We also hit up the general store where Oliver found the train table and spent a good chunk of time playing with the trains and the Proia’s stocked up on regular cider to mix with the honeycrisp vodka they bought. It was a fun adventure and a beautiful bright and sunny day. The campus wasn’t crowded because it was a weekday, so we basically had the place to ourselves!


October 9, 2017

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