Beardslee Castle, Little Falls, NY | Ashleigh + Darien are Married!

Sharing similar fandoms, Ashleigh and Darien met on Twitter only to discover they had known each other once upon a time back in the AIM days! This serendipitous moment has defined their love for each other as guided by the hands of fate. This magic continued right into and throughout their best day ever!

Ashleigh and Darien chose to literally be surrounded by friends and family during their ceremony. They staged a beautifully crafted arch of books in the circular garden of Beardslee Castle and set guests’ chairs 360 degrees around it. It was a unique way to display their affections, allow their guests to witness their self-written vows, and share their love of literature.

The couple displayed their love and devotion to Harry Potter in almost every wedding detail! Ashleigh’s bridesmaids were dressed to represent Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and Slytherin Hogwarts House colors, which left the blue in Ashleigh’s bouquet and jewelry to represent Ravenclaw! Ashleigh handmade each of her bridesmaids matching earrings and necklaces in their house colors with the signature lightning bolt front and center. Each bouquet was made with paper flowers from pages from books delicately pinned on by items that personally represented each lady. Even a wizard and a dementor were among the witnesses. The castle offered a welcomed reprieve from the warm sun for cocktail hour while Ashleigh, Darien, family and the wedding party posed for some photographs in the circular garden.

Ashleigh and Darien were very creative with their reception details. Keeping with the fantastical Harry Potter theme, the table cards were flying keys made to dangle from a very convincing replica of The Sorting Hat. Guests were seated at tables representing different locations in the Harry Potter ‘verse. The centerpieces were made high with copies of each book from the Harry Potter series and accented with green, yellow, blue and red glass potion bottles. At the head table, the couple had a rad set of champagne flutes. The stems made of pewter dragons curl in such a way that when the glasses are put next to each other the two dragons make one heart.

We were honored to be a part of Ashleigh and Darien’s best day ever to capture the tender moments between them, amongst family and friends brought on by their union. It was clear that Ashleigh and Darien share something “truly, madly, deeply” with each other (as their first dance song was by Savage Garden). Here are some of our favorites:

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Lustrum!

Vendors || Venue – Beardslee Castle | Cake Artist – II Caffe | DJ – Eclectic Songs | Dress Vendor – Spybaby Bridal | Wedding Dress Designer – Sophia Tolli | Hair – Maria Tucci Hair Design |

June 19, 2017

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