Empire Brewery Farmstead, Cazenovia, NY | Christine + Ryan are Engaged!

You guys. This session was epic. These two were so much fun, and we even got a little goofy! When we get goofy, we get some authentic, candid moments that are always everyone’s favorites!
What’s awesome is when we arrived, Christine and Ryan went up to the bartender to tell them we had arrived, after a few emails/phone calls asking permission to shoot there and a heck yeah from them, we were given the all-access pass to wander where ever we wanted. WHAT?! YES!! So exciting to be able to shoot where ever. We truly felt like VIP and enjoyed our explorations within the brewing area! When we finished within the brewing area, the two lovebirds finished their beer, and we explored outside. Not only did I love the images we made inside but I really love the interactions we got outside. These two. Ahhh. too cute. After their session, we ordered food and beer.  I mean, how could we not!? When in Rome! We were heading out with full bellies when I stopped them and put them in the hopyard! I moved my car over to give them some soft, warm light and used one of my flashes behind them to separate them from the background! It was a good call hopping out there for a few minutes for this epic night shot! Stay tuned for their wedding post!


June 10, 2018

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