The Lodge, Skaneateles, NY | Elle + Nicholas are Married!

Best friends Elle and Nicholas chose to get married near September’s end at The Lodge at Welch Allyn in lovely Skaneateles, NY. The day began there with the ladies getting ready in a large conference room while the men gathered in a conference room on the other side of the building. Elle was poised as she had her hair done. Her bridesmaids played a game where Elle had to pick who would be most likely to do what appeared on the card each girl would take turns drawing from the pile. It was a great way to get some giggles and keep the nerves in check!

Nicholas and his guys quickly adorned their three piece suits across the way. While they polished their bling, Nicholas assured the guys that most of the days’ events would be taking place inside. This seemed like a great relief to everyone since it was an 88+ degree day in late September! (Phew…..! Hot.)

Elle had her ladies by her side to put the finishing touches together; they secured her veil neatly, gave her a little help into her awesome Harry Potter high heels, and paused to pose for the best silly photo all together. Then it was time for Elle to see her love for the first time that day!

Elle and Nicholas chose to do a first look, a decision that can be a wise timesaver, a chance to calm some nerves, and have the potential to be the best snuggle a girl needs at just the right moment! It also allowed the couple to complete wedding party portraits before the ceremony, which was super beneficial this night in particular because The Lodge’s cocktail hour spread was pretty bangin’, (Ummmm, there was a poutine station….!) and the bride and groom got to enjoy every moment!

The formal reception kicked off with introductions and Elle and Nicholas’ first dance. The best man and maid of honor respectively toasted the couple to start the dinner hour. The centerpiece to each table displayed beautiful florals by Whistlestop Florist in gold vases atop a stack of some of the couple’s’ favorite books. Accompanying each table number was a gold framed quote about love. Every guest received a bar of handmade soap, personalized for Elle and Nicholas’ wedding day. It’s orange smell was very pleasing!

Once the cake was cut the party started and Sarah set out to create and set up an epic night shot. When everything was set, Sarah sent Tim in to ask Elle and Nicholas to step outside on the deck just for a moment to pose! The moon even made an appearance which made Sarah do a happy dance!

We hope you enjoy some highlights from Elle and Nicholas’ best day ever!

Congratulations and best wishes, Mr. & Mrs. Duffany!


Featured Wedding Vendors || Dress Vendor – Mirror Mirror Inc. | Hair & Makeup Artist – Jennifer Pearson, Inspire Studios | Cake – Patisserie | Florist – Whistlestop | DJ – Visa Versa |

September 29, 2017

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