Embassy Suites, Syracuse, NY | Malissa + Jamey are Married!

Malissa and Jamey’s big day was organized and planned to happen all in one place – the Embassy Suites in East Syracuse. Team SHP got there a little early to scope the place out. The ceremony space – in the hotel’s foyer – was all set up along the meandering indoor creek, which we thought was pretty unique. While Malissa and her ladies got ready in one hotel room, Jamey and his dudes gathered in another. The ladies made the final adjustments to their outfits and helped Malissa with her dress while the guys teased Jamey about the socks they received as gifts to wear for the day – totally mismatched and in wild colors. Jamey laughed as they teased, while he quickly put on his three piece suit.

Once the ladies were finished getting ready, they stepped out in the foyer for a few photos. Jamey was directed to stay inside his room since one can see the foyer from every single floor. He relaxed with his guys as they reminisced about his recent bachelor party and they toasted him with some Jack Fire! Soon after, he was looking at his watch and telling everyone it was time to take their places.

Malissa made her way up to one of the top floors of the hotel without being seen. There she met her father and together they waited for their cue to aboard the glass elevator. Everyone watched with captivation as Malissa and her father boarded the elevator high above and descended on their way to meet Jamey at the altar. A close friend from North Carolina had the honor of marrying them. After their “I Do”s were sealed with a kiss, they received their guests and said a quick hello as guests made their way to the cocktail hour at the far end of the foyer. Once the receiving line was done, Malissa and Jamey’s families braved the brisk autumn air like total champs for some family portraiture outside.

Ormond Entertainment made sure the ceremony flowed into the cocktail hour and that the cocktail hour flowed seamlessly into the reception. They also rocked the reception space with some killer purple uplighting! Cindy Ormond (who referred us to this sweet couple – thanks again!) introduced the bridal party in her delightful signature style and cracked a few awesome jokes that got the entire room laughing. After Malissa and Jamey shared their first dance, both of their fathers took turns on the microphone to make everyone cry with their kind, proud words (team SHPs eyes may have welled up too!).

Salads were served before the final two toasts. Then Malissa’s daughter Madeline toasted her mom and new dad with humor and genuine gratitude. Jamey’s best friend Brian made the final toast and tied everything together. There was so much love and admiration in the room! After a plated dinner, Malissa and Jamey took the microphone to thank their guests for coming from near and far. They reminded them of how important they are to them as well! Malissa then shared a dance with her father, and Jamey asked his mom out onto the floor right after. Both dances were so sweet.

Once the cake was cut (a cupcake tower topped with a cutting cake that made the ceremony quite the precarious, brief adventure), the dance floor opened up and quickly flooded with happy feet!

Here are some highlights from Malissa and Jamey’s best day ever!


Congratulations and best wishes, Mr. & Mrs. Sharlow!

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October 9, 2017

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