Golden Hour Engagement Session With a Pup at Marcellus Park

Erin and Anthony met me on a perfect evening for their Marcellus Park engagement session, we had this planned for a while and with the weather we’ve been having we really lucked out. It was a beautiful Summer night for their session and we couldn’t have been happier! They incorporated their pup, Ziggy into a couple shots at the beginning and I loved the beer themed bow tie they put on the cute pup to dress him up for his portrait!

Erin and I have been emailing back and forth here and there as new homeowners talking about tree removal, squirrels being jerks and the occasional sewage back up, you know. All of the things that you have zero experience in when you go into home ownership! Their session was super fun and relaxed as we wandered around the park getting to know each other. There were beautiful nooks and stunning sunlight everywhere we went!

We capped the session off by getting quirky and playful with swings,  a slide, and a giant rock! I’d say it was a success, but you should definitely take a look for yourself!

July 7, 2017

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