Frankfort, NY | Orchard Grove Farms | Jessica + Ryan

Jessica & Ryan married on a beautiful fall day at Orchard Grove Farms. This was our first time visiting Orchard Grove Farms in Frankfort, NY, and we were really impressed by the property. The ceremony was outside by the fountain with an indoor/outdoor cocktail hour and an airy barn reception.

Jessica & Ryan were so fun to work with. Super laid back and chill! Sarah had worked with Jess and Ryan a few times before their big day so at this point she felt as if they were friends! We love creating lasting relationships with our wedding clients. It’s great to gain friends from our job! Anyway! Back to their big day – The sun was at that perfect angle during their formal photographs. We absolutely love the warmth we were able to capture both in the surroundings and in every person’s heart that day.

They danced their first dance to “Ohne Diche” by Rammstein, which cheekily coordinated with their das boots drinking glasses! Ryan’s Best Man was not able to make it the wedding for good reasons, but he was still able to give a speech over the phone, plugged into the DJs equipment, so everyone could hear! It’s amazing how close we can be with the use of technology these days!

One of our favorite wedding traditions is the heartwarming anniversary dance. We love the opportunity to get photographs of couples (especially those that wouldn’t otherwise step out on the dance floor!) but mostly it just makes our hearts burst to see so much love on the dance floor at one time. Ryan’s grandparents, the winners of this particular anniversary dance, touched our hearts. They have been married for over 60 years! We think Jessica summed it up best when she said “they give me so much hope.” It’s so important to celebrate the longevity of true love on such a special day.

Here are some of our favorite images from their big day!

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Vendors | Dress – NY Bride | Cake – Debbie Allers | Florist – Village Floral | DJ – Sound Investment | Videographer – MJ with Backwoods | Hairstylists – Ashley Cummings (@ashleyatcrowningglory on Instagram | Makeup Artist – Katie Gallagher

November 15, 2016

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