Upper Onondaga Park, Syracuse, NY | Johanna + Kyle are Engaged!

Johanna, Kyle and I met at Upper Onondaga Park last week for their e-sesh. It was a brisk but clear day with a little bit of sunshine that was playing hard to get! Johanna found SHP through the blog. From the story Jenn tells, she happened to stumble across one of our behind the scenes posts and saw Jenn and recognized her from work functions! They work for the same (multi-campus) company and Johanna brought it up shortly after! How funny! We explored and wandered around the park capturing the playful and sweet personalities of Johanna and Kyle combined! It was a bunch of fun! I even learned of new games and food I should be looking into! We parted ways with the same thing in mind: Coffee! We all decided that we needed warm beverages to warm us up after the fun but chilly adventure we just had! Check out our adventure for yourselves! Cheers!

November 21, 2017

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