Downtown Auburn, NY | Kate + Jared are Engaged!

Kate + Jared have been acquaintances of ours for a few years now. We’d see each other at friend’s kids’ birthday parties and shoot the shit about teaching, coaching, photography, and life in general – the typical catching up chatter at gatherings. It seems like it wasn’t so long ago that we were at our friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday chatting about their recent engagement and nailing down the beginning stages of wedding planning! (And also talking me into climbing into a little tykes house for a photo op!)

I had them into the studio to hear about their vision and plans and soon after they checked “wedding photographer” off their list! Time has flown and our dear friend’s two year old has since turned three and we just had the pleasure of wandering around Auburn with them to document their engagement (and their new family addition, June)! ¬†Scroll down to check out their downtown Auburn e-sesh!

July 12, 2017

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