Backyard Wedding Soiree, Camillus, NY | Kelly + Brendon are Married!

Kelly and Brendon’s wedding day was a true pleasure to be a part of and document. They chose to hold their ceremony and reception right in the backyard of their new home that they purchased just 3 months ago. This way their pups Sophie, Tater & Luna could be a part of the festivities and plus – they’re backyard is pretty perfect for what they had in mind.

Brendon’s mom popped champagne and made mimosas as the day began. Outstanding friends and family came together to help bring their wedding day vision to life! People even came over early to hang paper lanterns in the trees, arrange flowers from the farmers market into gorgeous bouquets, and help put the finishing touches on the bride and groom’s attire. Kelly’s attire included a coin affixed in her shoe, which has been in Brendon’s family for generations – passed down from bride to bride for over 80 years, seeing over a dozen weddings!! How cool is that? The coin has been in the family since the 1930’s. It’s kept in a pouch with a list of the brides who’ve put it in their shoe for their wedding day. Brendon’s dad shared the saying with Sarah as she photographed the coin; “something old, something new, and a gold coin in your shoe.”

Kelly and Brendon both got ready at the house; once it was time to start putting on formal wear, things became top secret and everyone stayed in communication to make sure the couple did not see each other until just the right time! Brendon finished getting ready first (even with like 5 people helping to figure out how to tie his bowtie!) and headed out to the ceremony area to fine tune his vows. He was soon brought a gift from Kelly to open while she stood behind the trees in her garden and opened one from him – lovely sapphire earrings that she immediately put on. When Brendon got a glimpse of what was inside his gift, he instantly covered it so none of us could see. Kelly had done her very own boudoir session and had a beautiful book made for him! He was surprised and protective while looking through the book, it was very sweet!

Brendon then stood up with his back to the garden so Kelly could approach and put her back to his and, without seeing each other, exchange love letters. For their first look moment they decided to read love letters from each other while standing back to back. While they read, they reached for the each other’s hands and grasped them tight (it was adorable). It was only after every word was read that they turned to see each other in wedding day attire for the first time. Both gushed with love, joy, tears and laughter as they embraced one last time as guests began to arrive.

Guests filled up the seats facing a beautiful arbor (another awesome friend contribution) and the ceremony began. Frenchies Sophie, Tater & Luna were present in their wedding day attire too! Kelly and Brendon exchanged heartfelt vows and asked guests to fill a wooden box with letters of marital advice, encouragement, and tips for reading on future milestones! They were then pronounced husband and wife and walked back down the aisle together to “Signed, Sealed Delivered, I’m Yours” (so fitting!).

The dance floor and dinner area were both under tents. DJ Kirk perfected the ambiance with his awesome uplighting in the tents, on the surrounding trees, and under the bar and cocktail area. Balloon Gal Jenny created the most unique table center pieces we think we’ve seen to date! Clear, lit, balloons affixed to string covered in ferns. It looked like the ferns were holding the balloons up in the air! The perfect, magical touch to the day.

Family formals commenced right after the ceremony. The soiree was so intimate that we were able to do group shots off all the men and women in attendance! Guests were offered a variety of beer on tap from local brewery Stout Beard Brewing along with wine and fruit infused water. They mingled under the trees, munched on shrimp, checked out the guest book table, and played in the photo booth as Kelly and Brendon posed for their first portraits as husband and wife. When the happy couple was introduced to the dance floor for their first dance, they wowed everyone with their practiced, elegant dance moves. They both sure can dance!

After the heartfelt speeches from Kelly’s best friend Liz and Brendon’s sister Sonya, everyone was invited to dinner, catered by Alto Cinco (a SHP personal fav!). Everything that is awesome about Alto Cinco’s food was on the buffet! It was very hard to contain ourselves. Once dinner was done, the rest of the evening’s events went smoothly – parent dances, cake cutting, and corn hole in the side yard – it was the most relaxed and happy atmosphere with so many doggies to snuggle!!

As the sun went down and those up-lights became more prominent, the guests started to bringing their full bellies out onto the dance floor. Brendon showed off some more of his smooth moves, Kelly joining in at times, complementing his steps perfectly. With help from so many great friends and professionals, the soirée definitely was a night to remember for always!

Here are some highlights from Kelly and Brendon’s best day ever!

Congratulations and best wishes, Mr. & Mrs. Ulen (and Sophie, and Tater, and Luna)!

Featured Wedding Professionals || Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist – Stacy Burns | Caterer – Alto Cinco | Florist – Syracuse Farmers Market | DJ – Kirk Rothrum – Select Receptions | Videographer – Elias – | Balloon Artist – Balloon Gal Jenny |

September 7, 2017

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