Marcellus Park, Marcellus NY | Rachael and Alex are Engaged!

We were nearing Spring. Basically on the edge of it! We could almost taste it. We could definitely smell it! You know, the freshly uncovered mud smell from melting snow. Yeah, that smell! I think for the pre-spring *everything is wet and brown everywhere* look outside, we rocked it! It almost looked like autumn shoot. It was so much fun, either way. The surroundings for my sessions are secondary to the couple, so it didn’t matter where we were, these two seriously made everything look great! With just a few weeks (maybe 5?) until their wedding, and how Spring was late to the game, I was almost worried that we would have had snow on their date, at the end of April, haha! You just never know. But for real, check out these two killing it for my camera!

June 11, 2018

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