A Fairytale Ballroom Wedding at Marriott Downtown Syracuse

Anyone who’s lived in or around Syracuse for any good length of time knows about the Hotel Syracuse. It has stood in it’s majesty on Onondaga Street for 92 years! It is a major historical and sightseeing point of interest that has hosted all sorts of events and entertained tourists and history buffs alike. Now known as Marriott Syracuse Downtown, it has been completely restored! We were super stoked to hear that Cristina and Josh had booked one of the first weddings at the newly renovated venue.

Cristina’s getting ready space inside the hotel was everything a bride could want. The ladies relaxed on plush couches, sipped on champagne and nibbled on fruit as they waited for just the right time to slip into their dresses. Josh had an equally dreamy space to hang out with the guys in, before heading down to the Parisian Terrace for their ceremony. Both spaces were just steps away from the reception ballroom which we think is an added bonus!

Their ceremony took place in front of epic draped windows in the Parisian Terrace and included a sweet Celtic handfasting (it was also live streamed on Facebook, at the groom’s request!). The ceremony space was just the first taste of the elegance this venue has to offer. Once the formalities were complete the guests were invited up for cocktail hour and greeted by dashing, small, gold bells informing them of their table number.

Thanks to the cocktail hour being a completely separate space from the reception, Sarah was able to photograph Cristina, Josh and their wedding party in the awe-inspiring ballroom, one of the main highlights at this lovely venue. We were also able to capture clean and well lit table and reception area shots while the guests mingled down the hall. We were immersed in inspiration!

Here are some of our favorites from Cristina & Josh’s best day ever:

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Congratulations and best wishes, Mr. & Mrs. Carroll!

Vendors | Flowers – Backyard Garden Florist | DJ – All Party DJ | Cake – Biscotti Cafe | Dress – Spybaby Bridal | Hair – Venus

January 4, 2017

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