Marcellus Park | Megan and Steve are Engaged!

Planning a Seattle engagement session with these two was so much fun! Until we realized the logistics of it all just weren’t in our favor and a future Seattle trip with Megan and Steve hosting Tim and I would have to happen! (2018!?) It all worked out, because I met with Megan and Steve today, just a few days before their wedding, to hang out and get some camera time in before their big day! We wandered around Marcellus Park this morning, where many locals come to walk their dog and enjoy the scenery. (And where I got for dog therapy) We lost count at like 10+ dogs while we wandered over the bridge and along the gravel pathway and decided hit up the swings for some fun photos. After a great morning shooting and watching them practice their first dance moves, we parted ways – Steve needed to magically make his birth certificate appear in order to get their marriage license! Eeeek! All suspense aside, they were successful in their errands, and the show will go on, on Friday! So, sit back and scroll through our adventures from earlier today and hold tight for their wedding blog post in just a few weeks!

August 10, 2017

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