Camillus, NY | A Backyard Wedding | Michelle + Andrew

Andrew’s family owns lovely property in Camillus. It’s a true example of the beauty of Central New York, with two homes in the family next to each other and beautifully kept gardens on the hill side in each backyard.  It makes perfect sense that Michelle and Andrew chose to marry there! That, and the fact Andy’s parents had their reception in the backyard, when they were married.

Michelle and Andrew invited guests to Camillus First United Methodist church, right down the street from the backyard reception, to witness their nuptials. Andy’s parents were also married at this church, so it was extra special for the family.

Friends and family gathered to organize and set up for the big day. The bridesmaids were awesome sports and worked together to make sure the decorations under the tent were on point and the music was cued. Michelle’s father did all the catering! He put on an impressive spread of cheese and crudités before a yummy buffet dinner. He also created the most unique “Open Bar” we’ve seen – a blow up swimming pooled filled to the brim with ice and libations!We set up the SHP photo booth right in the backyard and much fun was had by all.

Here are some of our favorites from their best day ever!

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Congratulations & best wishes, Mr. & Mrs. Lyons!

Vendors | Dress – David’s Bridal | Flowers & Cookies – Wegmans |

January 2, 2017

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