Personal Post: A Little Self Employment Celebration

This week has been special to me because I’m celebrating my 5th year of owning my business without any other side job or financial help. I’m proud of where I’ve come and even surprised by what I’ve built. I never enjoyed showing up to work for someone else and it took a while for me to realize I was on the path to becoming self employed. My friends and acquaintances supported me, pushed me and encouraged me to keep growing, and I listened. I feel that my career fell into my lap thanks to those people and I couldn’t help but to embrace my talent. I’ve set my business up to allow my schedule to be flexible. At my day job it was the set schedule that I battled with the most. I didn’t want to be forced to create, I wanted to plan for it in my own time and then let it flow. This time 5 years ago, I said goodbye to my day job and hello to SHP full time.
So! Here’s to my 10th year of photographing weddings and my 5th year of being able to support myself solely on the support of all of you. Thank you and happy weekend!


March 25, 2017

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