Fulton, NY | Virgilio’s Event Centre | Rachel + Adam

Adam proposed to Rachel after convincing her to jump out of a plane with him! She had no idea that when she reached land the closest people in their lives would be there to witness Adam get down on one knee! We’ve heard so many proposal stories, but this one tops most. We were instantly stoked to be chosen as their wedding photographers. Adam is an exceptional tattoo artist in the area that we admire, so we are flattered to have caught this couple’s creative eyes!

Rachel’s father own’s Virgilio’s Event Centre in Fulton, NY. It’s a spacious indoor and outdoor venue, tucked away amongst trees. The white iron archway for the ceremony added a unique touch that complimented Rachel’s elegant and simple bridal look. The tears came quickly as the wedding processional made its way down the aisle. When Rachel’s uncle sang an original song for the couple, and it seemed there wasn’t a dry eye to be found!

Adam and his guys are big Star Wars fans, so it was mandatory to get some Darth Vader and Storm Trooper action for some of the photographs. Also there was some dabbing, shenanigans on a a 4-wheeler, and lots of “the look” (an inside joke between the lovebirds).

Check out some of our favorite images from their best day ever!

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Florist – The Floral Gardens | Caterer – Tommy Leatherwood | Hairstylist – Jessica Wood | Dress – David’s Bridal | Cake – Cake’s Galore & More

November 8, 2016

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