Deansboro, NY | MKJ Farm Wedding | Sarisha + Adam

Sarisha and Adam married on a beautiful, crisp September afternoon. The sun was shining, the corn was high, and love was definitely in the air. MKJ Farm set the scene for the personal and profound nuptials between Sarisha and Adam. Adam’s dad stood at the alter and watched as Sarisha made her way down to her sweet love, Adam. Adam’s dad stood there because he had the honor of marrying the two! It was one of the most personal unions SHP has bared witness to.

After the intimate ceremony, Sarisha and Adam’s guests were invited to the barn for a cozy reception while Sarisha and Adam stayed back with their families and Sarah for formal photos. As family formals wrapped up, they retreated to the barn for cocktail hour, and Sarah was able to work with the newly weds to capture the love of their best day ever!

The guests were greeted by strewn lights and warm sunflower and purple details and invited to snack on hummus and crudités. Each person was also invited to personalize a Jenga block for Sarisha and Adam to cherish, always! As the guests found their seats, they were surprised with personalized “Sarisha & Adam” vintage bottles of wine. What an impressive and sweet detail!

Once Ormond Entertainment creatively introduced the bridal party,  Sarisha and Adam shared a beautiful first dance, and the toasts left few dry eyes under the twinkling lights. Michael T’s provided a delicious Italian buffet spread (we will always remember the greens!), and Sarisha and Adam cut the cake that Sarisha’s mom loving created. Sarisha also dedicated her bouquet to her Maid of Honor, which was a lovely, personal touch.

We invite you to enjoy the highlights of Sarisha and Adam’s best day ever!

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Congratulations & best wishes, Mr. & Mrs. Hoogheem!

Other Vendors | Dress – Light in the Box | Florist – Kathleen Simmons | Hairstylist – Patty Wallace |

October 31, 2016

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