SHP 2016 Wedding Season | Behind the Scenes

The 2016 wedding season was quite the whirlwind for SHP. Not only did we shoot a record number of weddings, we lived to tell many stories after shooting 4 double-header weekends! (Dramatic, I know! ????) We traveled just about everywhere!  Including Buffalo, Remsen, Alex Bay, Utica, all over our lovely city of Syracuse and we even had a long weekend in Lake Placid. It was a very exciting and challenging season that allowed us to grow as a team.

Like any good team, we each have our roles to play. Sarah is the primary photographer and is tasked with getting the key moments and expressions from the couple during the day (the kiss! that first dance embrace! Etc). Jenn is the second photographer, and has been shooting alongside Sarah for EIGHT years now!  She focuses on details that help tell the couples’ story and catches emotions from family members and friends. Jenn complements Sarah’s set of images by filling in the story with her second perspective. She’s basically priceless! Speaking of priceless!  Wesley is also a huge asset to SHP! He assists Sarah with lighting throughout the day, so Sarah can make beautiful lighting where ever she goes. He’s also really good at picking things up and putting them down, but are you really surprised? Look at those guns! ???? Wesley always photographs the ceremony with us too, which adds an awesome and unique 3rd perspective!

While we work, we can’t help but capture each other in action. We document our clients best day ever and sometimes we even snipe each other hard at work in the process. We also like to stand in for each other for lighting tests! (Example moments or locations: cake, introductions, family formal, etc. [and we keep it interesting!])

We can’t wait for you to see share some of the crazy that is the behind the scenes with SHP.
Sometimes it takes straddling a garbage can to get the shot, ya do what you gotta do!!!
Sarah and Wesley like to accomplish a dress portrait during the beginning of the day. They can pretty much hang a dress anywhere now (even if they have to whisper to it over and over again to “please not falll!!!!”). When there’s time for a #selfie…Look at those dress hanging skills! #shootingface
Wesley is our lighting extraordinare. He makes it possible for Sarah to shoot with beautiful lighting anywhere. He can even be photoshopped out of the shot if necessary, like in the image of Sarisha & Adam at MKJ Farms above! #barefootshooter is one of Sarah’s life goals.  Jenn is a pro at eating and shooting at once (especially if there’s fried pita bread to be found!) #fatkidforlife Wesley is so good at holding things. #bertquadcam Sarah’s so pretty in the pitch black at 1,000,000 ISO!  Jenn is also really good at daydreaming. #jennjennWeeeeeeee! #workfaces Wesley can really strike a pose! …told ya! Proof Wesley sleeps on the job. Say Cheeeeeeeese (and give the sweet limo driver bunny ears…. JENN)! Cameras are fun! I like cameras!Sarah may want to reconsider letting Jenn get so close to the cakes……for real. They may be in danger.  Sarah loves all her clients. She tries to get photos with them when it’s appropriate!  You should see her in a photo booth!! Why aren’t we models yet?! 

And that’s behind the scenes of our 2016 season. Thank you to all our wonderful clients for making these moments possible! <3

April 12, 2017

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