SHP 2016 Wedding Season Highlights | Fun + Silly Wedding Party Shots!

As you may have gathered from our Behind the Scenes blog post from last week, SHP likes to work hard and play hard. The quality of photography we provide our clients with is very important to us, and the experience we give them from the beginning stages, to the day of, and finally their products and online gallery is also something we take pride in as part of the unique service we offer. The “big day” takes TONS of intricate planning for our clients and we respect that! So, in the mix of documenting their day, we like to give them the space to let loose, have a little fun, and maybe get a little goofy (and/or weird!). It’s their best day ever, and we’re there to document anything and everything!

Allowing for at least 30 minutes for family photography, 30 minutes for wedding party photography and an intimate 30 minute session for just the couple, is the minimum allotment we prefer on our couples big day! This specific time frame for formal (and fun!) images is super important to us for delivering the final product that we take pride in. We discuss this timeframe with our clients beforehand, during their planning meeting. The 90+ minutes we ask for gives us time to get the formal photos expected (if that’s what the clients ask for) and then have some fun by allowing the couple to express their personalities with the people they deem closest to them. We offer to meet with our clients as many times as it takes before the wedding day to get the timeline solidified and to create an efficient workflow and day of shot list. We refer to the shot list throughout the day to make sure we’ve captured everything we’ve discussed in the planning and final meetings beforehand. Work hard! Play hard!

Get goofy with us and check out some highlights from our fun & silly wedding day shots!

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Featured Venues | Wolf Oak Acres | Turning Stone Casino | The Lake Placid Club | Franklin Square | Casablanca on Cherry Island | Virgilio’s Event Centre | MKJ Farm | The Frog Pond

April 20, 2017

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