SHP 2016 Wedding Season | Our Individual Favorites

We have officially started the countdown to the beginning of the 2017 wedding season (8 days!!!). However, before we move forward, we thought it’d be a great idea to reflect on 2016 just once more.We each went back through our 2016 images and picked personal favorites; images we personally captured!

Before we invite you to check out what we picked, we think it’s important you know each of our roles during a traditional wedding day. Sarah is SHP! She is the main photographer and hangs with the couple all day. At the beginning of the day, she focuses mainly on capturing the bride’s getting ready experience. She documents details (those dress portraits, though!), and she is the macro specialist! She excels in macro photos of intricate details – especially the rings. Jenn is Sarah’s right-hand-gal and second shooter. She starts out documenting the groom’s getting ready experience. She is usually responsible for getting detail shots of the reception area before guests arrive as well. She is a second perspective during the ceremony. While Sarah focuses on the couple, Jenn is able to capture the things they are missing as they gaze into each other’s eyes and make a life-long commitment. Jenn also works on getting establishing detail shots throughout the day to round-out the story for the couple. Wesley, who has been working with SHP for over 2 years now, is our lighting and gear extraordinaire. He may not always get to pick up a camera when he wants, but he does get the opportunity to shoot at most weddings – especially during the ceremony. He is literally Sarah’s right-hand-dude, as he is by her side for most of the day holding a light, providing Sarah with optimum lighting situations wherever she goes. When he does get to pick up a camera, he creates a third, unique, perspective during ceremonies, or snaps a photo of Sarah in action, or creates a lovely, complimentary image for the couples’ collection.

Now that you know how a traditional wedding work day goes, you’ll understand our individual favorites a little more. While the day may dictate our subject matter, it does not dictate our skill or creativity. We’ve separated the images below by photographer. We hope you enjoy!

Sarah’s Favorites

Jenn’s Favorites

Wesley’s Favorites

May 12, 2017

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