SHP Wedding Series | Gimme the Deets!

Today, we want to give you the details! All of the deets! This collection was an exciting one to reflect on and compile. Wedding day details are Jenn’s favorite things to photograph, and we all revel in the varied subject matter that each individual special day brings to our creative eyes.

As you already know from our Winter Series (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8), we have had some amazing and creative clients, so the subject matter we are asked to photograph is already aesthetically pleasing. We prefer to document these items and decorations from both journalistic and artistic perspectives. This gives us the challenge of photographing them artistically as well as immortalizing their existence. In that forever kind of way.

Details aren’t always things, though! During the big day we also hone in on the human details that reflect emotion. Providing our clients with as many perspectives and as much coverage of what they are “missing” as they celebrate saying I do all day is our most important goal. The multiple perspectives we provide to our clients is something we think is unique to SHP. Sarah has had Jenn alongside her for 8 years and over that time it has allowed us to create a flow. We can be in the same room, let’s say, during a ceremony, and while Sarah is focused on the couple and what’s happening front-and-center, Jenn will be documenting the secondary details that fill in the couple’s ceremony story; be it the groom’s hands, a crying mom or a cute flower girl on the loose. Later in the day we could be in the same reception space and have completely different tasks. Sarah is focused on the couple and the must-have shots, and Jenn fills the story in with details like the champagne glasses filled with toasting material, table cards, an empty room before the guests come in, table settings and even the cake. It’s important to fill in the main events with the details and that’s how having a killer tag team, like we have, can help achieve said things in a timely manner!

If you’re a frequent reader (oh, heyy!), you’ll know by now that planning with us, setting a realistic timeline and collaborating with us on your day of shot list will allow us to create moments like these for youuu! Speaking of these moments and things and stuff – we can’t stop drooling over this set. There’s so much shiny, pretty, color all in one place. Let us know what you think! Perhaps something in the set below will spark an idea for your future nuptials. <3

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May 3, 2017

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