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Our job as wedding photographers is to tell our clients’ stories. Part of our storytelling means getting establishing shots. Establishing photos of the getting ready, ceremony, and reception locations help round out the visual story (especially when it comes time to create the album!) We take time with each location we visit on our couple’s big day to document the exterior and interior. While creating our shot list for the day we have our couples find out when the reception ballroom/space will be 100% ready.  When the space is ready, we pop in and capture everything (the diy details, florals, centerpieces, guestbook and card tables, cake, dessert bar, candy bar, memory table, head table, sweetheart table, etc.) before people arrive and touch All The Things! It’s important in our storytelling to catch all those table details completely set up and untouched by guests and also document the room as a whole with some wide shots of their decorated space because some of our couples don’t get to see it before the guests start trickling in. That’s where we come in. Ahead of time, like ninja’s!

Typically, Jenn is striving to get these images throughout the day, however, sometimes the timeline of the day allows for Sarah and Wesley to work on creating them too. We decided for this blog post, not only would we highlight some exterior and interior shots, but we’d tell you who took which photos!

Jenn!Jenn! left. Sarah! rightJenn!

Sarah!Jenn!Jenn!Jenn!Jenn! (top left), Sarah! (bottom left), Wesley! (right)

Sarah!Jenn! (top), Sarah (bottom)
Jenn! Jenn! (top left), Sarah! (top right), Jenn! (bottom 2)Jenn! (top), Sarah! (bottom) Jenn! Sarah!Jenn!                                                 Sarah!Sarah!Sarah! (top 2), Jenn! (bottom) Jenn! Wesley!

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April 27, 2017

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