SHP Winter Series | Best Man Highlight

Since we spotlighted the duty of being a Maid of Honor last week, we’d like to take some time today to talk about the duty of being a Best Man. We certainly couldn’t highlight one without the other; however, I have no experience being someone’s Best Man (hey, it’s possible I could be asked one day!! As you’ll see below, I wouldn’t be the first gal to except the position!), so I set out to do some research beforehand! I learned a few things that surprised me. Etiquette states that a Best Man should take care of the groom’s formal wear after the reception, should deliver money to vendors if day-of settling up is required, and should confirm honeymoon travel plans at the groom’s request. While we understand that there’s a time and place for etiquette, we take pride in doing things our own way, and we love when our clients embrace what’s most important to them, regardless of what anyone says! Your wedding day should be authentically and unapologetically YOU. If you want a woman, your dad, your dog, or a Tricerataco to be your Best Man and your future spouse is down with it – we’re down with it too! All we know is that the Best Man should be someone capable and open to do the following:

  • Help with anything the Groom reaches out for, including advice on formal wear, groomsmen gifts, and coordinating rides for the big day.
  • Attend formal wear fittings to make sure everyone looks on point.
  • Plan and throw a Bachelor Party! A Best Man will take the groom’s input into careful consideration so no one gets into any more trouble than they’d like!
  • Attend the rehearsal dinner.
  • Get ready with the groom and the rest of the groomsmen the day of the ceremony – help everyone to look their handsomest.
  • Watch the clock! Provide support to the groom to stay on track with the time schedule.
  • Greet guests as they arrive to the ceremony.
  • Hold on to the rings and present them to the officiant during the ceremony.
  • Stand next to the groom and wait for the stunning bride to appear.
  • Stand up straight – but don’t lock those knees! Fainting is not the most fun celebratory response to your best friends’ union (remind the others about this too!).
  • Help wrangle the wedding party to be where they need to be when they need to be there – especially for photos!
  • Toast the bride and groom before dinner!
  • Dance with the Maid of Honor.
  • Keep the party going!

This list may also include some unique Best Man tasks Team SHP has seen: sneaking the beer in, officiating the ceremony, keeping everyone’s drinks fresh, decorating the newlywed’s reception exit vehicle, and surprise lip-sync performances. We’re sure choosing a Best Man must be a no-brainer for most people. It’s the person that’s always there in times of need, the person to tell all the big things to, the person that’s trusted with all the things. So being chosen to be a Best Man is such an honor!! I mean how many times in life will one get to rock the title of “Best”?! We’d like to honor these people today by highlighting our 2017 clients’ Best Men!

February 10, 2018

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