SHP Winter Series | Boutonnière + Ties

This installment of the SHP Winter Series is all about being dapper AF (you can find the first installment here). It’s the first word that comes to mind when we see a well cut three piece suit or some seriously stylin’ wing tip shoes! Every client has a different take on the traditional wedding attire. We like to capture a fraction of this in Boutonniere and Tie Portraits. It’s our go-to GQ shot!

The variety of boutonnieres we’ve seen is notable. We’ve photographed DIY flowers, artificial flowers made from clay, paper, or sheet music, and beautifully crafted pieces from florists. We’ve seen beer caps and nods to Harry Potter incorporated in some (we’ve even caught the coveted yet not easy to achieve Broccoli boutonniere!). There’s endless possibilities when it comes to the creativity of some of our clients. We enjoying documenting this creativity along with capturing images of the special details each client decides to include, be it a tasteful watch, lucky cufflinks, or funky socks!

The most important question when one chooses to wear a three piece suit to the wedding? Tie or Bowtie? or Bolo? The final piece, and highlight, of the Boutonniere + Tie Portrait is, of course, the tie. Color, style, pattern – it all has to be captured! We’ve photographed ties with tiny sea creatures, handcrafted bowties and ties of all colors.

Here are highlights of Boutonniere + Tie Portraits from our portfolio!

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February 8, 2017

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