SHP Winter Series | We Love Our Clients’ Pets!

Last week, Sarah launched an awesome, beautiful redesign of the SHP website. I hope you’ve checked it out by now! It’s so pretty, so very much her, and it invites you to learn more about the team. One thing that’s mentioned on the new site is how much Team SHP loves clients’ fur-children. Sarah and I are both proud cat mom’s. Sarah’s Juniper, a mix of flame-point and blue-point Siamese, is 7 years old. She’s got beautiful blue eyes and is sassy. My Nigel, a tabby stray that we rescued from the engine bay of a car, is 1 and a half. He’s super rambunctious and the silkiest kitty you’ll ever pet! While Wesley doesn’t have any fur-children at the moment, he goes absolutely weak in the knees for every dog that crosses his path. We love animals, and we love to hear about our clients’ pets, and even better yet, meet them! There is no doubt once we know our clients have animals that we will ask all of the questions about them.

We appreciate when clients want to include their fur-children in their wedding day or engagement sessions. It’s free pet therapy! Wesley and I will even babysit them while Sarah snaps some photos of their parents canoodling – photo proof below! We’ve had our clients bring their pups on e-sessions, invite us to their homes so they can include their kitty’s in images, even make sure their four-legged friend was apart of their big day (whether IRL or in awesome cardboard cut-out fashion). We, of course, can’t resist capturing all of the cute, furry love.

Sarah wants to take this area of interest to the next level by offering pet studio portraits!! Stay tuned for her Pet Mini Session announcement (and just to be clear, your pet doesn’t have to be furry or four-legged for us to love it and have its photo taken). For now, check out this selection from our collection of clients pets!

February 20, 2018

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