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We’re about to embark on our 8th wedding season as a team (and Sarah’s 10th year shooting weddings)! We’ve been reflecting a lot this winter – on our portfolios of work, where we crushed it, and as always, where we can improve. During this process, we decided we’d like to share some highlights from over the years by creating a SHP Winter Series.

Today, for our first Winter Series installment, we’re reflecting on wedding dress portraits. Deciding on what to wear on this very important day is always an exciting and daunting task. We like talking with our clients and hearing their shopping adventures and experiences. We also like to see sneak peeks during meetings when possible (we are great at keeping secrets!). Gushing over the plans and possibilities is a lot of fun, but seeing it come altogether on the big day is the best.

We’ve seen all sorts of styles with our diverse clientele – some short and fitted, some short and puffy (and great for twirling!), some long and sleek, others long and billowing with lovely layers. Each and everyone is perfect. You know why? Because it makes the person wearing it shine with unique beauty inside and out!

Our ideal wedding day schedule allows time for dress portraits. We know the task of finding the dress was trying, and we also know for most people, it’s the most money they will ever spend on a garment. Plus, each dress is so beautiful in its own way – the details (the beads! the lace! the neckline!), the craftsmanship – it’s what the client fell in love with, so it’s important to us to capture these things in high quality, artist images. Allowing time for us to take the dress somewhere before it’s put on gives us the chance to get creative, especially when we can incorporate the scenic outdoors or symmetrical architecture.

Here are some dress portraits and dress details that we chose to highlight from our portfolio:

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January 24, 2017

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