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In the fifth installment of our Winter Series, we reflect upon our parent dance portfolio so far! “Parent Dances,” or “The Loved Ones Dances,”  are cherished wedding traditions our clients often chose to include in their wedding receptions. We’ve come to find that the day goes smoothly when these dances are planned after the couple’s first dance and before toasts and dinner. This allows guests to enjoy their meals and head right into partying in honor of the happy couple once finished. Once it’s decided when the dances will happen, it’s super important to let the photographers know when to expect them! This way we are completely prepared to capture these unique moments.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen many interpretations of this tradition. Brides and grooms pick a parent or another special person in their lives to share a spotlight dance with. We’ve seen brides dance with their moms, the newlyweds dance with their children, grandparent dances, sibling dances, and we look forward to more iterations as the years go on.  We absolutely love music and have documented our couples dancing to a variety of different songs. We’ve even photographed a quickie 60 second parent dance (bye, spotlight!) which was just long enough for them to get that special moment with their loved one, and for us to capture that moment! No matter how long or short, they are all special and it’s a tradition that over the years seems to be a keeper.

Here are some highlights of these special dances from our portfolio:

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March 2, 2017

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