SHP Winter Series | Ring Shots

Spring is officially here, but it’s still a bit rainy and gloomy out there, so for our final installment of this years’ SHP Winter Series we thought we’d feature some beautiful bling to get us in the Spring mood!

Photographing the rings is a something we find to be a very important part of the image set we care to provide to our clients. We specifically set time aside during the wedding day to get these images. Typically, we set time aside during the dinner portion of the day. During the later months of year, however, we try to to photograph them as early as possible. It’s a great idea to get the rings cleaned soon before the wedding day and/or bring a cleaning kit on the day of. This ensures everyone’s bling is on point, bright and clean!

Sarah usually takes charge of creating these images. She likes to start with a traditional shot with the rings nestled in the bouquet. After that, she gets creative with her surroundings and tries to make something more unique for each client. You’ll see this process in some of the images displayed below!

This post brings our first Winter Series to an end. We hope you enjoyed exploring our portfolio thus far as much as we did. Here’s to Spring and warmer days ahead!

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April 6, 2017

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