SHP Winter Series | Wedding Photography Details

If you are a frequent reader, you know I (Jenn) am a giant lover of detail photography. I am also, proudly, the detail photography queen of our team. Sarah is so busy the day of keeping connected with the couple and being locked into the emotions of the day that I happily, and comfortable, slide into this role. We’ve provided some tips in the past on how to help your photographers get these detail images. We make shot lists that include times to expect the reception space decorated and ready to photograph. We also suggest that couple’s gather their accessories and little things into one convenient spot. Preparation and planning for the big day are key! That’s why we make time to meet with our clients before the big day to suss out the final details and really refine the shot list so it becomes our Master Guide. When the wedding day finally arrives, we’re all on the same page and able to make the most of every minute, which allows us to get all the details!

We’re going in a different direction this year than in last year’s details post by focusing on all the little things and stuff our clients put so much time and love into in order to make their day extra, extra special. Whether it’s pre-ceremony gifts, rockin’ bridal shoes (hands up if you’d like to see a future post of JUST shoes… ohmygod, shoes), cherished heirlooms, piles of fun makeup, unique reception space details, the carefully displayed food, or the champagne flutes mom picked out. We’re featuring the pretty, inanimate (but meaningful!) things from the 2017 season today! Brace yourselves, this post is image heavy – full of tons of eye candy! Perhaps there’s a bit of inspiration in this collection for you or a friend that’s planning their best day ever.

February 28, 2018

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