SHP Winter Series | Wedding Guest Favors

While planning a wedding, some couples choose to include a guest favor into the festivities. We’ve seen this wedding day tradition expressed in a variety of unique and fun ways this past season. We’re taking some time today to feature some of them. If you’re looking for wedding guest favor inspiration, look no further!

  • Local Love – You can honor a city by providing something to your guests exclusive to it, like Alyssa and Matt did when they brought Goo Goo Clusters or when Brittany and Greg gave everyone bags of popcorn from the Kandied Kernel.
  • Sweet Honors – Homemade Cookies! There’s a signature touch to homemade cookies unique to every family. It’s a great way to highlight a family members talent, a family favorite bakery, a family recipe or a recipe establishing a new tradition!
  • Please Take One – Personalized take-aways like cozies, shot glasses, soap, and candles. They are useful and memorializing!
  • Chocolates! Whether they’re from a local shop or fashioned into an adorable Harry Potter snitch, chocolate is universally linked with love and celebration.
  • Say Cheese – Photo booths! They can be lots of fun and plus they provide an instant favor for guests to take home and cherish.
  • Don’t Forget the Littles – Providing the children at the reception with a gift bag of fun things to do while they can’t boogie down on the dance floor or sending home dog biscuits with your fellow fur parents are two ways to not leave out the atypical wedding guests.

We think however you chose to go about honor the wedding day tradition of guest favors, it’s important to give it a personal touch and have some fun with it! Check out some of these wedding guest favors from our 2017 season.

If you loved these details, you’re gonna have to come back and visit us later this week for more as we highlight our favorite 2017 detail images.

(Also, don’t forget! We’ll be at the New York State Fairgrounds on January 21st for Syracuse Wedding Magazine’s bridal show featuring a live wedding giveaway!)

January 10, 2018

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