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Happy Valentine’s Day (read our post until the end for a Valentine’s Day surprise)!! We’ve been celebrating our lady friends a lot this week, but today we’re turning our focus to the romantic love that fuels our business. Traditionally, from the moment the question is popped, the engagement ring is given to represent the promise of a future together forever. It’s the physical representation of love and hope. That’s why Sarah likes to be sure she incorporates the ring into engagement session photo sets to start! When the big day arrives, we always make time to photograph all the rings. Last year, we explained our process for achieving these images during the wedding day. Sarah usually takes the helm on these images. She gathers her macro, the rings, a bouquet or table centerpiece (to include the florals/colors of the day in the picture) and usually something fun or unique to the reception décor, then finds a quiet space with good light (or brings her own) to work in. We take pride in creating beautiful wedding ring portraits. The exchange of wedding bands continues the physical representation of love, and a lot of thought and care goes into choosing the perfect wedding bands. We hope that you are surrounded by love this Valentine’s Day (romantic, or not!) and enjoy this image set of Team SHP’s ring shots from the 2017 season! I know I couldn’t help but drool over this collection, so you might want to get a hanky!

For this second installment of the SHP Winter Series, we’ve been sharing highlights from Sarah’s 2013 wedding. Here is an image Sarah created of her engagement ring and wedding band. She stuck it in her leftover wedding cutting cake, which was covered entirely with rainbow sprinkles! How colorful and fun! So perfect for her. 🙂 <3

Surprise!! This Valentine’s Day is an exciting one for SHP because we’re launching a complete and total redesign of the website (if you couldn’t tell already by the new look to the blog!!). Please go and check out Sarah Heppell Photography’s website and let us know what you think! Also, check out our Instagram for a giveaway starting tomorrow! Lots of love xoxo.

February 14, 2018

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