A Romanticly Fun Downtown Syracuse and Erie Canal Park Engagement Session

Theresa and Todd met me downtown, in the area where our studio is, just two days after I arrived home from visiting my brother in Portugal! You could say I was jet-lagged but I wasn’t going to let that get in the way of this session! These two are also world travelers so they totally knew what I was going through! And I’ve realized I like to cram my calendar packed full of crazy goodness sometimes. Doing this was going to force me to get back into Eastern Standard Time! Ha. Oh and that reminds me. I need to blog that trip!!! AHH!

Anywayyy! I love that these two chose a fancy outfit and a more casual outfit for their two location session! After our fancy downtown jaunt, we made our way to my neck of the woods, in Camillus, to the Erie Canal Park to wander around and get some nature-y goodness. There’s one thing I know for sure is that Theresa’s playful spirit brings out Todd’s great smile! It was so fun hanging with these two! October and their Cracker Factory wedding day can’t come soon enough.

May 22, 2018

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