Thornden Park, Syracuse, NY | Caitlin + George are Engaged!

Caitlin and George (and Elijah) met me at Thornden Park for their e-sesh! Thornden Park is known for its Rose Garden but the roses aren’t in bloom this time of year, which was fine because the park has so many other beautiful nooks that we were able to take photos in! Wandering around talking about wedding plans and enjoying the wonderfully warm evening!  The weather we were given was unlike most of the days we’ve been having here in Upstate, NY! Seems like lately we have to gamble on which day we MIGHT get a touch of sunshine between the rain! We had to reschedule their session twice because of some crazy storms that were passing through both days we had originally planned! But this May evening that we got with them was lovely! I’m pretty sure it was almost 90 degrees!! We’ll take that and hold it tight! The lighting was airy and dreamlike and I couldn’t get enough of it! See for yourself!

May 26, 2017

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