Vegas Highlights!

So I went to Las Vegas for a week for a photo conference! While I was out there my pal’s Caitlin and Kyle came out to hang during some of Jenn and my free time! We explored the Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam and a bunch of other stuff! I could go on and on about what I learned and what we did but I really just want to show photos, haha. Sometimes less (words) is more!

SHP_8767This image of these two is my absolute favorite photo from our little dessert shoot we did! Aren’t they so sweet!? I love this moment.

SHP_8991Here’s an interesting not usually seen perspective of the Hoover Dam and the newly built bride that apparently cuts your travel time down a couple hours to the Grand Canyon!

SHP_8614Random scene while exploring Red Rock

SHP_8564Kyle contemplating as he looks at the views

SHP_8587Lovely view and cloud shadows.

SHP_8831_blogThis van just sitting there, though. not creepy at all.

SHP_8726_blogCaitlin is always smiley and cute!

SHP_9196_blogHere’s Jenn! This was on our last day in Vegas and stayed til dusk. We went to the Valley of Fire and explored a bit!

SHP_8957_blogGunna end it with a selfie of me with my real camera and an off camera light. Little crazy but hey! We were in Vegas! 🙂

2015-04-10_0018Random Instagram photos!!
1. Wynn Hotel 2. Palms! 3. Random attraction
4. Venetian 5. Sleeping at the airport due to weather causing flight delays  6. Also seen with #3
7. High Roller 8. Canon photographers party 9. In and Out late night
10. amazing wet burrito at MGM. 11. Excalibur 12. Jenn and I with our business shirts!

April 10, 2015

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