Behind the Scenes with SHP – 2015 Bloopers and Stuff

I’ve asked many people to describe Sarah Heppell Photography with one word. Fun was the #1 winner. Colorful and Creative weren’t too far behind but Fun was the one word people are saying the most. I’m proud of that, I want my clients to have fun during our time together whether it’s an hour or ten hours. 2015 was so much fun and I have some behind the scenes photos and bloopers I have collected through out the season. I am so thankful for Jenn and Wesley, they help me make the SHP experience and final product!  We’re a bit weird, but we’re professional and we got the job done, and we do it well. Less words more photos of the in between moments at weddings and gigs!

At our SHP awards ceremony during our holiday party and Wesley voted me “Best camera in hand dance moves.” Here’s some proof:
2015-12-16_0021 2015-12-16_0043 2015-12-16_0027Photographing an old high school friends wedding was so so lovely! (below)2015-12-16_0023 2015-12-16_0029 Wesley crushes it with the lighting.2015-12-16_0024Somehow Jenn was the sweater holder at a brisk October wedding. 2015-12-16_0031 2015-12-16_0032Just us setting up a shot at the Caz Art Park and then Jenn standing in the shot. haha.
2015-12-16_0033Our first clear top tent wedding! So beautiful.2015-12-16_0034Look at all of my back up photographers!
2015-12-16_0022Jenn will take photos with your gear at your request.
2015-12-16_0028 2015-12-16_0026 Jenn is always my model and test subject.2015-12-16_0030 2015-12-16_0042 mmmm cake.2015-12-16_0046 2015-12-16_0038 2015-12-16_0039 2015-12-16_0047 goofy2015-12-16_0037A rainy wedding day at the Dino
2015-12-16_0048Selfie stick and real camera party!2015-12-16_0049Mirror selfies
2015-12-16_0050 2015-12-16_0051 Jenn’s so cute. haha. We like reflections and mirrors.2015-12-16_0036 2015-12-16_0035 2015-12-16_0044 2015-12-16_0045SHP Photobooth at the World of Beer Yelp event.2015-12-16_0040 SHP Photobooth at the Syracuse Buy Local Bash2015-12-16_0041

You know you love to love us. Even the weirdness we bring. <3 Thanks to our clients for making 2015 such an awesome year!!


December 16, 2015

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  1. Angela DiFant says:

    I like how Tim snuck in there at the end. ☺️