My Wedding: Visit to Affections Florist

So after shooting my 9/28 wedding the other day and seeing her beautiful natural looking bouquets and table flowers as well as the little wooden prop details that my bride said she also got from her florist, I decided to make an appointment. Mind you, I had been planning to have handmade bouquets of felt and buttons and colored thread to hold it together.. I changed my mind after our 2.5 hour meeting!

The meeting was very helpful and I learned a lot of new flowers I never knew about! Which I’m making a visual list of next! These flowers are all suggestions from the florist. Some of which I liked, some we’ll see.. I’ve got my own opinions as well.

What I like about the curly willow is the shape and how it could be bendable around the bouquets if it’s real fresh or it could stick straight up. I like the idea of a wooden flower (the balsa wood flower) in the bouquet, but I don’t really know how I feel having white/cream much in my bouquet. For contrast I’d want yellow or light green perhaps. Which brings me to white color of the stephanotis, they’re cute and pretty and I’d love to have them in my hair with little wooden beads in the middle or something. (The florist had suggested crystals or pearls and of course I say wooden beads, haha) The chocolate/dark calla lily and the chocolate cosmos are pretty. I like the cosmo more cause it is relatable to my favorite flower which is the sunflower but the calla lily is pretty too, a different shape and texture.

So those are what was suggested to me by the florist and while it was a great help to see and visualize a darker bouquet with some pops of white/cream to help contrast with the curly willow and the stems wrapped in birch bark, I think I want to see some yellows into my bouquet. I’m going to have my chocolate brown hair and probably going to leave it down and I don’t want to be too dark and look gothic or anything! (ha.)

So, here are some of my pinterest inspirations that I blog stomped together to show more of what I like and am thinking!

As you can see I’ve numbered the photos so I can mention the things I like most about each to perhaps get an idea of the flowers I’d want in a bouquet for me and the bouquets for the maid of honor and six bridesmaids! (yeah huge bridal party!)
Number 1, I like the yellow circle dots and the chocolate cosmos, I think they create a nice sense of contrast together. Number 2, the sunflowers and the curly willow go great together and bring a nice fall look to the bouquet. Number 3, is gorgeous! it’s dark but contrasty, it’s got the curly willow and I’m not sure what those green sunflower looking but overall I dont think I love it because there’s no yellow! Number 4, is the ideal bouquet with a few contrasting sunflowers and the curly willow for the girls to carry! It’s petite and sweet, just enough color to pop against their blue dresses! So, number 5, is beautiful, there are chocolate cosmos, sunflowers and succulents, I like those flowers in the mix, but there is no yellow! I like the idea of a hint of almost pink within seeing I love pink but I don’t have to have pink. my focus is yellows greens and browns. Number 6, is whimsy and fun! Bringing the succulents back, the curly cue green guy is gorgeous and the little blueberry looking things are nice but if they exist in the blue of the dresses would be nice to match seeing I’m looking into royal blue shoes! I don’t like the random green leaf in the back to the back of the succulent. I think the bright orange and purples are too spring/summer but I do like the other things I mentioned above about it! plus there’s a little curly willow. Now all I need is a visual of the things I like about each bouquet into one super bouquet! We’ll see.
We talked about the idea of the greenhouse ceremony which we are still in the works of talking with the venue that I have in mind.  (meeting with them on Monday) But, I loved the idea of a tulle type material draped from the ceiling to kinda block the background and stop the attendants eyes while still allowing light to flow through. That got me excited. I also found photos of 2 stand up ladders with a straight ladder draped on top across the two. There were flowers on the steps of the ladders and that was the arbor in which we could get married in front of. We talked about draping some sunflower balls along the chairs and stumps in between with glass vases with water and floating candles or flowers. I actually thought about pumpkins on the stumps to kinda tie in the autumn a little more. But for now that was my florist adventure, my thoughts, feelings and ideas! What do you think!?

October 3, 2012

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  1. Dona Misco says:

    Charmaine at Affections Flowers is awesome. She’s got loads of stuff coming out of her little shop. Her personal touch to the wedding was great! We wanted very natural but I’ve seen her do all kinds of weddings. Whatever you want she will do it for you and she is fun to work with! I’m glad you went for a visit!

  2. Sarah! says:

    Dona, she totally was fun to chat with! I was there for over 2 hours, haha!!! 🙂 I have yet to hear back from the greenhouse so I can’t go any further with Char until I do hear from the greenhouse!

  3. Sarah says:

    I had dark chocolate calla lilies at my wedding!!