My Wedding: Ceremony Space

So, Tim and I went to our *still* potential (but very likely) ceremony space and I took some photos! We were pointed out that this would be the greenhouse that they think would be the easiest to flip for us and that we would have to come back to discuss further details. But like I said, I did get some photos of the space and it’ll be nice to refer to these while I consider what my vision is for the space!

Stuff on my mind:

• The brown wall could be the backdrop for the ceremony, an even area where the guests eyes don’t wander past the window, but that wall is completely covered in pots for plants, at this point I’m not sure how much they’re willing to do for us.
• The ceiling is a little different above the brown area which I’m not opinionated about yet.
• Using the brown wall limits our space, there is an entrance to the cafe right to the left of it if you were facing the brown wall.
• If I use some windows as the ceremony backdrop I have to keep in mind what is outside.
• I could use the windows as a ceremony backdrop but perhaps hang plants to stop the guests eyes.
• I love all of the lines/beams/the architecture of the greenhouse! I also love when the blue sky is visible through the roof.
• White chairs to keep the simplicity and bright feel to the space
• I’d like to decorate and style the ceremony area by borrowing the greenhouse’s items. (sunflowers & bouquets from florist)
• If I use a glass as the backdrop I really like the first set of photos where it’s showing the front of the greenhouse. Only problem is that’s the view of the parking lot and there’s a huge sign outside of the window. (wouldn’t matter with a narrow depth of field, would matter for guests.)
• If it’s chilly (it was far from chilly in there today) I’d like to offer hot cider and perhaps donuts? If not, cold cider and donuts.. to the guests when they come in and before they take their seat.
• Lots more ideas to come.

The last set of photos posted above are some blue-ish flowers I found while walking around. Even though they are spring time flowers I could perhaps consider them for table flowers if ordered from the florist. Oh, and in the cafe I found these tea tins (I have like 4 or 5 of them from working at barnes and noble’s cafe) that are used as little planters. I thought it was so cute. I use mine for q-tips and hair ties, haha!

Here are some chairs I’m looking at, just getting a rough idea. they range in price and from left to right it’s lowest to highest price/quality. There’s also a fee per chair to set up/take down. But I think everything is under 3.50/chair which would be under $350 for our size ceremony.

October 8, 2012

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  1. Kevin Fox says:

    You had me at cider and donuts! Very cool idea for a wedding ceremony!
    I’ve been to so many weddings where it’s dismally dark inside.

  2. SARAH! says:

    I know right! I just want to set the mood for the time of year and make sure my guests bellies are happy and content! 😛
    Ohhh, don’t get me started about dismal/dark wedding venues, hahaha! I know that’s exactly the opposite of what I want! 🙂 Helloooo beautiful & natural lighting! I don’t think we’ll even need what little lights they have in there to be on!

  3. Dona Misco says:

    That is an awesome venue. Your wedding will be beautiful in the greenhouse. Let me know what you might want to use from Melissa’s wedding and I’ll save it for you. A friend of ours used the the willow stick “window” without the blue bottles last weekend for her wedding. She put twinkle lights on it and hung it horizontal from the ceiling. It was really pretty! If you want to use it and put flowers on it would be nice too. I have over 100 dinner plates, soup bowls and dessert plates in my basement. Lots of vases and doilies!