My Wedding Planning: Snapshots from Artisan Works

SO! This is our favorite place to take a day trip and our dream wedding location and we finally got to meet with Victoria, the event/venue coordinator for Artisan Works in Rochester, NY. After taking a tour with wedding stuff in mind this time we sat and chatted about what we had in mind room wise and food wise! We are thinking a basic buffet and the ceremony and reception in Vertigo Heights as well as reserving Garibaldi Blvd for the cocktail hour/the buffet and for guests to wander around if they want. There are many themed spaces in the building which makes the venue all the more favorable and interesting! This is the venue, we must must must make it happen! We’ve known from the start and the pros definitely outweigh the cons!


• Beautiful and unique spaces
• Memorable & special to us from our past trips
• No space rental fee for the ceremony/reception space. $500 for the long awesome Garibaldi Blvd.
• Per person fee includes venue/full service/service people/15% tip on everything/food/food supplies/etc.
• Ample parking
• Can bring in booze/keg/homebrew
• Minimal need for decor
• Holding our date for 15 days
• Day before rehearsal run through included no extra fee (not a venue for dinner just run through)
• No cake cutting fee


• No Saturdays available
• Distance (1.5hours / 85 miles from Syracuse)
• Per person fee doesn’t include booze


This is another room where people can get married and have a reception ^^

Guests would enter in a private entrance from the other event location& follow the yellow brick road into the ceremony room! ^^

Here is the ceremony and reception space!! ^^

We’d stand on the stage for the ceremony^^

Views of the ceremony/reception room and the bar outside of the room

Garibaldi Blvd which we’d rent so we could put the cocktail hour food/dinner/cake/etc out there also a space for guests to wander and get a feel for the building and it’s unique visuals!

Fun outdoor photos!!! 🙂

August 22, 2012

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  1. Emilia Jane says:

    What a vibrant, fun space!