So, this probably the place I like the most in the Syracuse area. It’s got the rustic wood feel that I like — without being in a barn without a bathroom!!! After talking with a gal handing out paychecks while we were looking around and taking pictures we found some information out. I’ll have to make an appointment with the catering/event woman to meet and ask some more questions and talk about layout if we’re really going to start considering this as our pick. So this is the upstairs at Dino BBQ, a very well known and delicious BBQ joint here in Syracuse! Tim and I actually went here on our first date! That makes it so much cooler to consider!

• Rustic/Unique
• Nice tables and chairs, no need for table cloth maybe a neat table runner
• Private bar
• Bathrooms on the same (2nd) floor
• Elevator to 2nd floor
• Parking lot right across the street for events
• Upstairs has 1 big room 1 small room and a balcony
• Did I mention…, a BALCONY!
• Second room could hold the food and a photobooth!!!
• Sunflowers would complement this room SO well.

• Ceremony location will most likely be at a different location (HELP!)
• Miiight be too small (Not sure of our guest count right now)

August 31, 2012

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  1. Kelsey says:

    Hi there! I was thinking the very same thing and was looking it up, which is how I found your website. I really love the idea and the food is great! Kinda makes me rethink my wedding theme a little but thats okay. So did you end up going with it?
    How much to have a wedding reception there?
    (PS: I realized you looked familiar and that you know Rob Moses!! He’s a friend of mine too)