Personal: My Amazing + Colorful Bridal Shower!

It was an amazing day. I can’t thank my girls, friends and family enough for this special day! I knew my bridesmaids were working hard on DIY decor that I couldn’t leave home without my camera! Oh, and I wanted to take the 35mm 1.4 for one last hurrah before I sent it back! (What a perfect occasion!) So, I arrived to the Aspen House around 10:45, just fifteen minutes before the shower started and snapped away! Yes, my friends and family called me out on what I was doing.. “You’re working at your own shower!!?” haha! I just had to document the beauty and craftiness! It was colorful and so “me”! Add my missing bridesmaid and it would have been perfect! So after I snapped away for about 10-15 minutes my pal Kelcey who is also a wedding photographer arrived to the shower and saw me photographing and said she’d use my camera and take some snaps for me throughout the shower! I was so thankful she did because half of the photos below is her perspective at my shower! I can’t thank her enough for snapping some here and there! So so thankful!

As you can see from the photos, the table seating was handmade, They made little stations for gifts, prizes, mimosas, food, etc! The cute bunting signs out of the pink doilies, adorable! I loved the little bunting for the card box. So so so so cute. Each girl made a dish to share with the guests, my mom and Tim’s mom also contributed as well! There were breakfast casseroles, a yogurt bar, fruit salsa, a couple different salads, my favorite salsa from a local Tex-Mex joint accompanied by some tortilla chips, 4 amaaaazing flavors of mini cupcakes– one including bacon! Ahhh! The food was superb! (I may have taken a bunch home) 😉

Another thing the girls did was create different themed baskets for prizes. When you came to the shower you were given raffle tickets and you could put them in the prize bags of your choice! We played different games like purse raid, gift bingo, guess Sarah’s age, (lots of awkward stage photos of me, haha!!) and some others which allowed everyone to earn and drop tickets into prize bags. Prizes included date night with movie tickets, a tea basket, pet basket, and others like beach, beer, lotto, crafts and wine! So many fun things to win! I got to draw winners and hand out the prizes which was fun!

Opening gifts was last and was also fun!! Everyone had beautifully wrapped presents and bows which we used to make the practice bouquet for the rehearsal! Jenn was the bouquet maker! I didn’t know the whole “for each break in the ribbon = another kid” or something along those lines, I was at like 30 kids, haha! Everyone was teasing me but I politely reminded them we were at a BRIDAL shower 😉 hahaha!! So fun. After the fun ended we cleaned up loaded up Tim’s car and then played with all of the balloons! Then to put a nice ending to the perfect day I accidentally set them free. 😉 One month until the big day! AHHH! 😀

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August 20, 2013

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  1. Becca says:

    Ah! I’m loving all of the crazy colors!! That 35 1.4 is such an amazing lens. One of my personal favorites.

  2. Kathy says:

    Awww, I love the colors! Looks like a great time!

  3. Brea says:

    awwww congrats! so pretty!! looks like an amazing time.

  4. tPoz says:

    aww, what an adorable shower!! and so great to have such wonderful photos to remember it by! Congrats!!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful! Congratulations!!!

  6. mshomecmoing says:

    Thank you for posting!