SHP Winter Series | Galentine’s at the Arbor Loft!

Last Saturday, Sarah and I adventured out to Rochester for a Galentine’s Day Brunch – an event Sarah had come across on Instagram stories, and we quickly RSVP’d! The event was hosted by Jess, of Bless the Messy and Jocelyn. We were excited as we road tripped to Rochester with coffees in hand, as we had been looking forward to the event, but didn’t know what to expect! We knew it had been moved to The Arbor Loft because so many ladies had signed up. (We’ve wanted to check this place out since we heard it hosts weddings, so it was a bonus that the event location had moved)! We also knew there’d be crafts, mimosas, and brunch too, so we were all in!! What a perfect way to spend some time with our besties!

When we arrived, the space was humming with lovely natural light. Jess and her team had set up tables with full place settings made up of eclectic vintage china that Jess collected for her very own wedding and was now sharing with all of us! There were beautiful fresh floral centerpieces and adorable heart and striped goodie bags that we’ve all been eyeballing in the Target dollar area with all of the other cute v-day things and stuff! There were pink/girly/fun props for selfie photos, a table full of craft supplies to make banners, beautiful rainbow donuts, hand-lettered sugar cookies, and (as promised) mimosas waiting for us as we walked in. They even created an awesome cascading balloon display!

The space quickly filled up with fun, funky, beautiful ladies! We all bonded over our goodie bags and were quick to wear the Galentine’s buttons Jess had made with sayings like “ovaries before brovaries” and “you poetic noble land mermaid.” So fun! Sarah got to meet Lanni, her virtual friend for almost 10 years (going back to their LiveJournal days!) for the first time in person, which was very special. We all munched on waffles (some even made with bacon inside!) draped them with fruit, syrup and whipped cream before getting crafty. Lanni and her friend Anna are so crafty and amazing at hand lettering. Sarah and I mostly just watched them in awe.

Along with the food and crafts, another feature of the event was BFF photos! Jocelyn brought her camera, and each BFF pair got their share of time in front of the camera. Sarah and I enjoyed hamming it up. It’s not often that we get to have our photo taken together by another pro!

We are so thankful to Jess and Jocelyn for taking their time and energy to plan such a lovely, ladies celebrating ladies event. We left feeling warm, fuzzy, and inspired! We were so happy for the opportunity to celebrate our friendship with a room full of ladies doing the same with their gal pals. We explored Rochester for the rest of the day checking out local shops and having the rest of the day’s meals while exploring! We will be sure to attend again next year! In the meantime, take a look at some of the images Sarah snapped, as well as some from our BFF mini sesh!

Here’s a fun graffiti wall we found while we were out wandering!! We had to take photos of each other!


Thanks to Jocelyn for these adorable images below!!
Jenn and I, Lanni and Anna, and of course the girls behind all of this Jocelyn herself and Jess in the last shot!<3

February 13, 2018

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  1. Janine says:

    I WISH I WAS THERE. This looks incredible. And that sweet spread!

  2. Seema says:

    Wow! What an uplifting event! The goodies look divine and the warmth is oozing from your smiles! Thanks for sharing and happy day gals day!