2018 Behind the Scenes

As we look forward to the upcoming season, we will be blogging all winter long to create a new batch of the SHP Winter Series! With this series, we aim to show you our work organized in a way that may help future couples get ready for their upcoming nuptials as well as showcase our awesome 2018 couples.

To begin reflecting on the 2018 wedding season, we bring you our fourth installment of the SHP Behind the Scenes blog post (here are links to check out the first, second and third)!! We had an awesome 2018 season, collectively photographing 26 weddings in cities all across New York! And it was a record year for new venues too. We adventured to 10 new wedding venues, and we gained some new favs like The Cracker Factory, Tailwater Lodge, Bristol Harbour, and Chantelle Marie Lakehouse! We kept our reputation for being quirky, fun, and professional going strong. We met some of the kindest people and got to work with some of our favorite wedding professionals yet again! You’ll see some of them featured below. You’ll also see what we’ll do to get the shot or make the day run smooth. Like, if there’s no one around to help the bride into her shoes and she needs help, and it’s time to go? You bet Sarah will help her get them on! There’s photographic evidence. Sometimes it’s making sure the dress lays just right or taking an extra minute to make a plan with the groom to make sure the first look goes perfectly. It’s the little things!!
When we’re working together, we can’t help but sneak some shots of each other into the mix. We’re either in awe of the lengths our colleague will go for a shot, gathering ammo for jokes later, or genuinely admiring *The Photographer at Work*.

Check out our favorite behind the scenes images now, and stay tuned for later in the week when we will be sharing awesome highlights from the 2018 season!

Bananas make yet another appearance behind the scenes. Nature’s handiest snack!We worked with Kirk of Select Receptions on his birthday, so naturally, a photo next to the cake was required. Gabby of Live Oak Films joined us at the Chantelle Marie to capture love in motion, and Megan of MLH Events stylized two of our stunning gigs this year!  We always swoon over the tempting sweets! Wesley is always there in a pinch!

When there’s time, an “ussie” in the mirror is basically mandatory. Sweaty, yet professional photo booth stand-ins. Taking the time to smile at each other! Climbing chairs to get the shot! Peek-a-boo!
Sprawling out for the shot!
Mary Grace being so emo… A first for us at the beautiful Inns of Aurora. We explored the venue and town a couple weekends before Jenn and Stephen’s wedding day. It was a fun day adventure!
If the timeline allows, the dress portrait can be a collaborative thing, which is especially beneficial when the gown is super delicate or super heavy. Jenn always drools over the details! Looking dapper while breaking the dress code.
Keeping things light under time constraints…Ready to roll!
Dynamic Duo!
Gotta get it just right before stealing the bride and groom away from their reception for a hot minute for that Epic Night Shot!
Top left is the photographic evidence that Sarah will put your shoes on for you (if you are a bride, that is!). Bottom right is a little peek into the magic behind those magical veil shots (stay tuned for a blog post featuring all our lovely veil shots this season)! When the couple asks to include all the guests in an epic night shot, the making of it must be documented!
Sometimes Wesley is creepy… but only sometimes. Flooooofing dat dress!We may help you out with your Instagram post or discreetly boogie down on the dancefloor.
Behind the scenes photobomb!
Dat choootin’ stance!

We continue to marvel at how lucky we are to have such an extraordinary career and such a tight-knit team that is Team SHP!
We sincerely thank all of our new and everlasting clients, our equally dedicated colleagues, associates, and friends and family (especially for understanding why we’re never around on Fridays and Saturdays in the summer <3).

December 31, 2018

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